So What’s the Deal on Thrive Market?

Since going paleo, there have been quite a few grocery items I couldn’t find at my local Trader Joe’s. And rather than dishing out my entire paycheck at Whole Foods, I decided to take my search online. If you’re in the same boat as me, you’ve probably stumbled upon Thrive Market. And you’ve probably, like me, seen awesome prices and wondered.. what’s the catch? Or maybe you’re just a little nervous about purchasing food online. So I went ahead and did it for you. Here’s what I found about Thrive Market:

There a year-long subscription fee, but your first month is free.


Basically, you pay a $60 annual fee. Thrive also prides themselves on helping feed low income families with that money! It might seem like a lot, but its really only $5 a month. However, some people don’t want to spend that money, or might not use it. If you want to try it out, you can cancel your membership after your first free month. After I cancelled my membership, Thrive offered me a half price membership fee – $30 for the year. The company has awesome customer service, and wants everyone to be able to buy their products.

The food is the best price online.

Thrive_FB_Banner 2.jpg

If you are as big of a Rao’s fan as I am – you will be so excited about Thrive Market. They sell 32-ounce cans of Rao’s for… *wait for it*… $6.95! The normal 24-ounce cans are usually $8.99! I know this isn’t a shocking difference, but you usually won’t find Rao’s wavering in price ANYWHERE. Thrive also has Bob’s Red Mill almond flour for $9.45, and coconut oil for $7.95. Basically, they are the Wal-Mart of organic and paleo foods.

They allow you to sort by lifestyleThrive screenshot-1.png

All hail. You can now click the Paleo button and not ever worry about checking the ingredients to see if you can have it. This is one of my favorite features about Thrive Market. Its a great perk, and really makes you feel valued when shopping there. They even have a paleo starter pack with some essential oils and shelf goods.

Final Thoughts: Thrive is a win.

All in all, Thrive Market provides great value to their customers. If you can’t afford the yearly fee, they really work with you to be able to get organic, healthy foods. If you were on the fence about them, I say go for it!


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