5 Amazing Paleo Transformations

What I love about being paleo is that it gives you consistently great energy, and makes you feel 10x better overall. However, I can’t deny that it does come along with some pretty great weight loss benefits as well. I guess when you cut out sugar and carbs that tends to happen. So here are some of the Paleo weight loss transformations that I find most inspirational:

1. Anthony D’Amato: 200 lbs in 1 Year


Pretty amazing, right? His story, on Primal palate says, “For diet, he ate Paleo without restricting calories. For exercise, he walked. Yes, you read that correctly: this man lost 200 lbs from walking, and without counting calories. If you think this sounds too good to be true, in a way it almost was. Anthony openly told us his biggest challenge wasn’t loosing the weight – it was keeping the weight off for the four years that followed.” Ready to go paleo yet? Okay, we’ll give you a few more reasons.

2. Chae: 140 lbs 


Another amazing story found on Primal Palate, this fierce workout beast went from 300 lbs to 190 lbs, but couldn’t seem to lose weight after that: enter Paleo. Now Chae helps others eat well through her company Eat Suite Live Sweet. On her website, you can find great prepared Paleo meals to order.

3.This Adorable Husband and Wife (Weight Loss not stated)


It’s amazing what two can do together. If you’re married and thinking of starting a new lifestyle together, Paleo is a great way to go. This is what the husband said to blogsite, ChrisKresser: “I’ve never enjoyed counting calories or keeping track of my macronutrients so one thing I really enjoyed about Paleo was not having to do that and still seeing results.”

4. Sarah Ballantyne of The Paleo Mom: From 300lbs to 148lbs


Almost unrecognizable right? Sarah has an awesome story – and its all featured on her popular blog, the Paleo mom. She talks about starting as an overweight teenager (about 265lbs in high school), and struggling with diabetes. “Nine months after starting paleo. My weight has plateaued at 148 pounds. I am strong and flexible from regular yoga practice.  My migraines, IBS, acid reflux, asthma, allergies, eczema, anxiety, depression, and frequent colds are gone.”

5. John Brown: Lost 130 lbs 


John was lucky enough to be featured in the Huffington Post for his significant weight loss. He talks about how he got to be 375 lbs, and what his breaking point was to finally shed the pounds. “My close friend Ryan suggested I read a book by the name ofPrimal Blueprint by Mark Sisson about the paleo lifestyle. I figured I could eat meat and veggies and be happy with it. After diving headfirst into the book, I adopted a paleo way of eating. I found it to be very easy, and read every paleo book I could get my hands on. By my March physical, I had lost 40 pounds with little effort. In fact, my doctor and nurse were shocked when I walked in. I decided to hold off on exercise while I focused on my diet. By September, I was down 100 pounds!”

There you have it – 5 amazing transformations on the Paleo diet. If that doesn’t convince you to start picking up more veggies and opt for steak over tofu than i don’t know what will.


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