3 Workouts in NYC to Try This Week

Eating paleo, working, living in NYC, AND working out? Seems impossible. But it’s all about finding that fun, upbeat workout that you can hit after work. Thankfully, New York is full of gyms. But we’ve narrowed down three workouts that we think you’ll love for your Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday:

1. Peloton

eric-hwang-2-1940x1116.jpgPicture by Forbes.

Basically, to avoid the over-saturation of SoulCycle, we’re giving you another awesome spin option. Spin is great, because you sweat your body weight in 45 minutes – okay that’s dramatic, but you do sweat. After a 9-5 workday, this is a great workout to stretch and get out all your energy. You can choose a 45 or 30 minute class – so if you don’t have a ton of time, opt for a quick 30 minute cycling session.

Location: 140 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011

2. Orange Theory Fitness


Photo by Nexport.

A major fad right now, Orange Theory fitness is a 60-minute class that combines cardio and strength. The workout is a combination of treadmill, rowing, and weight training blocks. This is meant to burn maximum calories – about 500 to 1,000 calories per session! There are heart monitors and POD, which measure each person’s levels, and the goal is to stay in the orange zone. However, most people will end up in the red zone at first, keeping people motivated to work towards the orange. Its a very inspirational workout, so get a group of work friends together and try it out!

Location: 124 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011

3. Exhale Core Fusion

image_0f265da518140c456a5e847def9c5896666.jpgPhoto by Exhale Spa

This workout is kind of a tough one, so maybe save it for a weekend. However, The Stripe says its her absolute favorite workout, and delivers the quickest results. Core Fusion is a full body strengthening and toning workout. It’s considered a barre class, and uses small weights and isometric movements to get your body tight. The focus is on form, and building strength through the tiny movements. By going a few times a week, you can see noticeably leaner results in just a month.

Locations: 6 locations throughout Manhattan

So challenge yourself this week! Skip the boring treadmill walk, grab a work buddy, and try one of these classes!




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