Why Go Paleo: 30-Day Challenge



No grains. No dairy. No legumes. No sugar. So what’s left? A lot more than you’d think.

In a nutshell, the paleo diet focuses on whole, unprocessed foods similar to what caveman would have eaten. The basis of the diet consists of meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds.

So why should you go paleo?

The Whole 30 program does a great job of explaining the immense benefits of being paleo for just 30 days.

  1. There’s no calorie watching. And 95% of participants lost weight going paleo for 30 days – without watching their calorie intake.
  2. You break unhealthy psychological habits you have with food. After a while, you lose those brownie cravings, and start actually appreciating vegetables.
  3. Lastly, there are numerous health benefits. People have noted improvements and even cures on numerous health problems including diabetes, allergies, arthritis, skin conditions, cancer, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Think about it. Humans aren’t meant to eat processed foods or sugar on sugar. So what can you eat for example?

Shrimp Piccata Pasta (with Zoodles)


Vanilla Bean Lemon Curd Waffles


Indian Butter Chicken


So here’s the challenge:try it for 30 days. If you need a jumpstart, here’s a 14-day meal plan that lays it all out for you. You’ll start looking at food differently, get in the habit of checking labels, and your body will start thanking you quickly.



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